Mairead McVeigh is a digital, relational and performance artist who uses traditional methods of physical creativity and relational practice and re-appropriates them in immersive digital Virtual and Augmented Reality installations. McVeigh’s work places her audiences into situations and within personal testimonials that challenge the mainstream media’s bias.


McVeigh’s work explores the conflict within Northern Ireland through narrative and personal testimony placing heself as a female artist within this history. Born in Belfast and grown up with the troubles her work focuses on conflict, feminism and the peace process both in the troubles and internationally.

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McVeigh’s practice is inspired by and investigates digital culture and the aesthetics that are born from our growing relationship with technology and the internet as a form of misinformation and control. It observes the hegemonic control and power struggles as portrayed by the media.

FD82CACD-3553-4263-BE75-FD4F6B887BC6Divine Locale exhibition

‘The hyper-real and hyper-speed that politics and globalization are beginning to take effect are phenomenal. The prevailing political landscape of Ireland throughout my upbringing gave me an insight into isolation and polarization where truths are lost to media representation. By utilising digital mediums, I ask audiences to partake in works and experience an alternate perspective on the digital age.’